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Island Sweet Fibre Arts
Island Sweet Fibre Arts
Island Sweet Fibre Arts
Island Sweet Fibre Arts


 Shawn O'Hagan is a visual artist with more than 30 years experience in painting.  She has been dyeing and spinning yarn since 2007.

 "The one thing I have always felt 100% confident about is colour.  I have a memory from when I was 3 years old of being so excited about the combination of my yellow angora kitten cap with my brown velvet coat. And realizing that the people around me didn’t feel the same.”

 Soothing, invigorating, ethereal or earthy – colour is what draws people to Shawn O'Hagan's hand dyed and spun yarn.  Unique combinations of proportion, shade and tone are intuitively mixed and paired with rich textures of wool, plant fibre and snippets of commercial yarn. Soft merino and Shetland, substantial Icelandic and  Newfoundland heritage wool, luxurious soy silk and bamboo, along with angelina glitter can find its way into O'Hagan's combinations. Each skein of yarn is different and reflects the artistic decisions O'Hagan makes throughout the careful hand processes. Titles of the skeins, like "The Scent of Oranges" or "The Bronte Sisters", share O'Hagan’s sources of inspiration and invite us into her world of long walks, reading and knitting by the Atlantic Ocean.  Her complete knitting kits are for luscious scarflettes and fingerless gloves. They are an invitation to creativity.

Shawn was the recipient of the 2011 Atlantic Canada Craft Award of Excellence for Excellence in Product Design. She received her award at the ceremony held in Halifax on February 5, 2011.

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