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Island Rock Jewelry and Crafts
Island Rock Jewelry and Crafts


 "With its remarkable colours, no two pieces of fluorspar are the same and that combined with the handcrafted process makes every piece of jewellery truly unique.  We hope this uniqueness helps to make our customers feel special when they wear our creations."

 Island Rock Jewellery is located in St. Lawrence, Newfoundland and Labrador adjacent to the St. Lawrence Miner's Museum.  The St. Lawrence mine of fluorspar was originally one of the world's largest veins of the mineral, which is widely used in industrial, medical and commercial applications.

Island Rock Jewellery is known for its striking but simple designs of hearts, tear drop and geometric shapes as pendants, bracelets and earrings.  Fluorspar is found in more than 30 different colours and shades, ranging from pink, green, blue and – the rarest colour- red.  The main element of fluorspar, calcium fluorite, interacts with light to produce extraordinary effects. Island Rock Jewellery is a subsidiary of Three L, whose aim it is to create employment and training for challenged needs adults.  They design and create the elegant jewellery that showcases the rich and subtle fluorspar.

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Contact: Rosalie Dupre
P.O. Box 308
St. Lawrence, NL A0E 2V0
NOTE: Studio is only open seasonally (summer).

Phone: 709-873-2214
Fax: 709-873-2562